Intelligent Customized Resource Planner

is an intelligent system for any business

iCRESP (intelligent Customized Resource Planner) is an intelligent system for any business, customisable for managing business requirement, and with strong accounting platform. Highly robust, flexible and user friendly systems suitable for any industries like Retail/wholesale, Manufacturing,Construction management, Automobile garage management, Food etc

Mobile Applications

  • Sales Executive App

  • Application helps
    executive to
    manage their day to day activities

  • Van Delivery App

  • Application for van sales
    representatives to do their
    transactions in Offline mode.

  • Customer App

  • Application for customers to order
    Products easily.

  • Service Technician App

  • Application for Service Technician to
    manage their assigned tasks.

  • Director App

  • Application for directors to view
    various reports

  • Warehouse Manager App

  • Application for Warehouse manager
    to monitor warehouses.

  • Area Manager App

  • Area manager app helps supervisors
    to manage sales executives
    reporting to him.

  • General Manager App

  • Application for GM to approve
    orders/receipts etc done by sales

  • Campus Management App

  • Application for Principal/HOD/Teachers to
    manage daily activities like attendance
    marking, leave management, assign
    teachers to free classes, class
    monitoring etc.

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